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Bubble Balloons 22-24 Inch

NEW - Bubble Balloons

This New Range of transparent 22" & 24" Bubble Balloons are extra-large and float for extra-long (weeks).
The see-through design is unique and looks great for all occasions. They have Wrinkle-free Seams and the Bubbles inflate round with smooth seams like a beach ball for an amazing 3-D effect. They are Pop-Resistant made from Stretchable plastic which inflates much larger than the recommended size before popping. (BUT Not pop-proof)  The Bubbles are safe for use in hospitals and other latex-free environments and they Includes pre-attached ribbon and are Self-sealing.

Just add ribbon & balloon weights for desired effect.

N.B Supplied deflated but if local to Sheffield S21 you can collect inflated for an extra cost see menus on items
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