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Planning your event video

Planning your Event Video


As we all know, running a lively and energetic event will bring people back time after time but what are the most effective ways of getting new delegates to attend? Word of mouth only portrays the event from one perspective, and as great as email campaigns are, the written word and a few images can’t capture the heart of your event in the way that a video would be able to. Video is a long lasting, powerful and creative way to draw in an audience year after year. It is easy to share and if done well, presents your message in an easily digestible way. 

The options for where you can show your videos are ever growing, with most web applications having functionality to embed video into emails, websites and articles, to name a few. 








Having a well planned and executed event video allows you to show exactly what you imagined from the start of planning through to execution, and it all starts with a few simple questions. 

Who and what is this video for? 

Are you wanting to capture the highlights of the event or do you want to focus on a specific element such as networking possibilities?

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By knowing your target audience, the answer to this question will become clearer as you work out exactly what you want to accomplish. Investors may want to see the highlights of the event, whereas future delegates may want to see specific elements of the event, such as the networking possibilities, in more detail. If you are unsure, don’t worry, we will help you work it out.  

The objectives of the video 

What do you want people who are watching your video to think? Having just a few clear objectives for your video will result in a more powerful video rather than trying to cram anything and everything in. Do you want to increase future attendance?










Are you wanting to promote your branding and presence on the internet?

These are just a few clear objectives you should think about before having anything filmed. The more this is thought about whilst planning an event video, the easier it is to capture it on the day. 

Why Hydra Creative video? 

If you are, or ever have been interested in having your events filmed, Hydra Creative is here to do all the hard work for you. Whilst every event video production project is individual, each receives exactly what is required from the brief. We have worked with clients big and small to ensure that each video is unique and successful. Click Here

Get in touch with James@hydracreative.com to discuss your next event’s video production.” 

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